About Beebe Construction

Tom Beebe has been building homes in Rockbridge County since 1991.  A finance major by education and an auditor by work experience, Tom felt the need to build a career that would let him live and work in Rockbridge County, creating special homes for his clients.

With dozens of completed projects, Tom continues to pursue that goal, building homes of unparalleled quality for discriminating clients.

In order to produce the high level of quality that is the Beebe Construction hallmark, Tom employs his own in-house carpenter crew to make sure work is at the highest level of craftmanship and continues on schedule.  Having complete control of a highly skilled team also ensures that you get a very cost effective price for your finished project - that is, your home. 

Tom's Philosophy

Tom treats his crew with the respect they deserve, giving them the freedom to do the job right, the right amount of supervision to make sure there are no questions about the results the homeowner is expecting.

As testament to the success of this philosophy, his people stay with him, creating a consistency and timeliness uncommon in the industry.

Tom believes in a business model that provides the homeowner the license to make decisions . . . and make changes . . . without interrupting the flow of the job.  The red tape is nonexistent . . . the business model streamlines the process so the uncertainty and uneasiness is all but removed.

All of that and more, allows Beebe Construction to consistently meet its one goal . . . To build homes of unparalleled quality for discriminating homeowners, who, at the end of the process, can say without question that the end product and the path to get there were a joy.

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